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Here's what our clients have to say about Duzer Group.

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We helped rank for some of the most competitive keywords in the industry, 6x website traffic, beat venture backed start-ups.

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Circuit Specialist

Ranked competitive high priced e-commerce products ahead of Amazon and E-Bay.

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Move University

Consulting advice that helped the company earn tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

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Bold Patents

Took company from negative profitability to doubled revenue with 20% profitability in just 1-year. Helped generate the business 2.2 million dollars.

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Natural Med Doc

Within less then 1 year brought company from conception to over 200+ patient interests per month. Currently have 4 doctors on staff.

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Push Models

Over the course of a year Duzer Group helped 3x Push Agency’s leads using SEO & Google Ad Words.

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Florida Vein Specialists

Helped Dr. Meyer bring his marketing cost down by 153% while increase patient flow by 2x.

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Entrepreneur Coach

Helped Bri Rank #1 for the keyword “entrepreneur coach” resulting in consistent monthly business.

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Texas Vein Experts

Helped Texas Vein Experts earn a trackable $175,000+ in additional revenue per month and over 3.1 million in annual revenue.

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Marketing Agency

Helped multiple of his clients rank #1 for national and local SEO terms. Increase in leads resulted in new offices for clients.

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