Duzer Group’s mission is to help business owners scale their businesses and get the profit they deserve. Some clients we work for profit sharing/equity, others we invest our money in, and some we work on a traditional client basis. 
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Todd VanDuzer has a B.A. in Computer Information Systems and Marketing from Arizona State University. Todd is a past writer for The Huffington Post. He grew an education blog to over 100,000 visitors per month. He helped double Bold Patents revenue to 1.45 million in 1 year through SEO, PPC, and videos, with a five person sales team he helped build. They are on track to do 2.5 million revenue for 2020. In addition, he consults for multiple million dollar startups and companies. His expertise is in marketing, sales, and system development that scales service based companies. Recently, he spends his time understanding tax law, how companies are valued, and new ways to maximize business profits.

Todd VanDuzer

CEO & Founder

Before joining Duzer Group, Filip was a freelancer for 5 years writing screenplays, editing videos, and performing video shoots. Filip graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Film & Media Production and a BS in Economics. Filip is an expert storyteller and his copywriting skills are shown to engage, nurture, and convert customers into raving fans. Filip is our lead SEO and writer / editor. He has successfully helped us rank for the most competitive terms in 3 different industries. 

Filip Kovacevic

SEO Specialist

Having majored in Communications and Multimedia, Rei Lantion has always been interested in using visual mediums to share ideas and information with other people. She’s dabbled in video and photo editing, customer service, script writing, and freelance illustration. She even experienced self-publishing her own mini-comic. However, her strongest passion definitely lies in writing and content creation. When she isn’t writing articles, how-to guides, and marketing copies, she unwinds through yoga or a nice Dungeons & Dragons session with her fellow nerds.

Rei Lantion

Content Writer

Long before her career as a doctor, Tee Villanueva always had her interest focused in writing. She has worked as a creative and content writer even while in medical school. Currently, she is a licensed resident doctor in Internal Medicine but loves that through writing, she can provide information about complex diseases and treatments to the general public. Combining her clinical knowledge and writing skills, she delivers complicated information in an easy to understand manner. When not writing and going on duty in the hospital, she likes to travel, cook or watch Netflix.

Dr. Tee Villanueva, MD

Medical Content Writer


Below are companies we are currently partnered with and have majority / partial ownership or profit sharing arrangements. 
Bold Patents, a patent law firm, specializes in helping innovators improve our world through world-class patent & IP protection. Duzer Group has helped the company 6x their leads, bring their profitability from negative to 18% in less than a year, and build a 4 person sales team with systems that basically run the company by itself.
Natural Med Doc, a brick and mortar naturopathic practice in Scottsdale, was co-founded by Todd VanDuzer and Dr. Sarah Bennett. Natural Med Doc focus is in helping individuals live their best life by regaining control of their health. Duzer Group has helped the company develop leads and sales funnels to profitability bring in 10 new patients per week and over 175 leads per month within 8 months of starting.
Elite Vein Clinic is scheduled to open in August of 2020 with Dr. Nima Azarbehi. Elite Vein Clinic mission is to eliminate the pain and embarrassment varicose veins bring to patients. Special thanks to Dr. Chris Meyer, one of the leading vascular surgeons in the country and client of Duzer group for providing the guidance to open our vein center.
Student-Tutor was VanDuzer's first company that he grew to over 100,000 visitors per month with a staff of over 30+ tutors. Now it is just an educational website that sells leads to other educational providers. If you are looking for helping college planning or educational tips make sure you take a visit!