About Duzer Group

From our values, to the team that upholds them.

Our Values

Our organization is governed by 5 fundamental pillars. These values define our ethos and remain our North Star for the value we deliver to our employee, clients, contractors, and business.


We believe in profit for our employees, clients, contractors, and business. But, we can & will, with hard work, discipline, and constructive feedback, all rise together.

Going The Extra Mile

We go above & beyond for our clients with our #1 goal to generate more profit. We are not bound by our contract for what we can and can’t do. We do what is necessary for our clients to succeed.


We do our best to track everything and have complete transparency with our data, no matter how good or bad it makes us look. We use that data to guide our decisions and increase profit & customer satisfaction.


We always strive to learn, read, listen, and advance our perspectives. This includes receiving, listening, and being open to constructive feedback that may or may not make us feel great. This goes beyond just business - relationships & health as well.


We listen to our clients beyond their marketing needs, provide feedback & always give our honest, professional opinion even if it goes against their beliefs; we are an extension of their business, NOT just a marketing agency. We care.

What Sets Us Apart

Data Focused

We use data to guide our decisions and increase profit & customer satisfaction for our clients. This includes breaking down the cost per acquisition of the customer/patient/client.

Beyond Marketing

We are NOT just a digital marketing agency. We go beyond to help the business scale. We help with sales, system optimization, company culture, and more. We help take businesses to the next stage.

Our Team

Todd Van Duzer, owner and operator of Elite Vein Clinic and Duzer Group.

Todd VanDuzer

CEO & Founder

filip kovacevic

Filip Kovacevic

Project Manager & SEO Specialist

Sonny Hughey

Sonny Hughey

Paid Media Specialist & CRO

Camila Cabello

Social Media Manager

Jewel Tapar

Video Editor



Outreach Specialist

Rei Lantion

Rei Lantion

Content Writer


Below are companies our founder, Todd VanDuzer, owns and helps scale using Duzer Group marketing agency.