We Help Businesses Scale With Digital Marketing

Hey, I’m Todd! I run a boutique digital agency that specializes in growing businesses online. Some of our clients are equity partners / profit sharing while others are traditional clients.

What’s different from us is that we currently own and grow multi-million dollar businesses. We know what it takes to scale companies through digital marketing and make them profitable!

About The Founder

Todd VanDuzer has experience in scaling companies to the multi-million dollar level and beyond. His expertise comes from not only his knowledge in digital marketing & lead generation but in understanding the big picture. He has vast experience in sales, increasing company valuations, and how to tie everything together to increase profitability and the value of your company. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Our Success

These are the tools we use to effectively help businesses scale into profitable organizations.

Google PPC

Using Google paid ads we have helped campaigns see up to a 11.4x return on ad spend resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue per month. 

E-mail Campaigns

After you capture the user’s information it is essential to stay top of mind. Although, email is said to be a dieing channel it can many times be one of the most profitable. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Many times it is not a traffic problem but a conversion problem. Using tools such as Google Optimize we have successfully 3x website conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

We have ranked for the most competitive terms in over 6+ industries helping bootstrapped businesses beat venture-backed organizations. Schedule a free consultation and we will personally screen share web properties we own.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Using basic Facebook remarketing campaigns (retargeting visitors who came to your website already) with our SEO strategy we have generated leads that generate a 15x return on ad spend. Very little ad spend or risk with a huge return.

What questions do you have?

Let’s have a conversation and let us personally show you “real data” with “real results” that translate into profit!

Need help leveraging the internet to turbocharge your business?