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Todd VanDuzer, Owner of Duzer Group

Same strategies our owner, Todd VanDuzer, uses to profitability scale his five medical clinics to 7+ figures.

Get Free Access to our “Top 4 Data Points to Scale Your Business” Tool & Training.

Use this tool to 10x the value of your business, reduce your expense by 50% or more, and increase your lead flow by up to 300%.

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Full-Service  Marketing

Easily Track Your ROI.

With our easy-to-use software interface you can quickly see how well your marketing investment is performing per marketing channel. 

No guesswork.

One-stop-shop for everything marketing related (website, paid ads, SEO, email, & more).

bar graph illustrating a $1000 initial investment to a $5000 return on investment

Results not guaranteed.

Business  Tools  We  Use

Facebook & Instagram.

Google Ads, Display, & YouTube.

Local & National.

Content & delivery.

Engagement & Moderation.

Analytics & Forecasting.

Local, eCommerce, & More.

Maximize Lead Follow Up.


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We helped rank for some of the most competitive keywords in the industry, 6x website traffic, beat venture backed start-ups.

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Texas Vein Experts

Helped Texas Vein Experts earn a trackable $175,000+ in additional revenue per month and over 3.1 million in annual revenue.

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Florida Vein Specialists

Helped Dr. Meyer bring his marketing cost down by 153% while increase patient flow by 2x.

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Entrepreneur Coach

Helped Bri Rank #1 for the keyword “entrepreneur coach” resulting in consistent monthly business.

Elite Vein Clinic 1-Year Growth

A line graph that shows a line starting from $0 dollars at 0 months, to 1.27 million dollars in 12 months

Case Study

How we scaled Elite Vein Clinic from zero to $1.27 million dollars in one year.

With relatively low startup costs, we rapidly scaled a medical practice from its inception to three locations, twelve employees, and $1.27 million in gross revenue in one year.

Todd Van Duzer, owner and operator of Elite Vein Clinic and Duzer Group.

Todd Van Duzer | Owner

"See similar results for your business."

Working With Duzer Group

Add 7+ Figures To Your Business This Year.

Book a free call with us. Let’s talk and see if we are a good fit. 

We’ll analyze your industry, competitors, and determine if we can help your business grow profitably using digital marketing. 

No guessing. You can track your results. 

Every client receives a free consultation with a business advisor. On this call we better understand your business & marketing needs to determine if we will be a good fit.

We are selective on who we partner with. We look for businesses with prime growth characteristics.
We will dive deep into understanding your business model, competitors, core-service, LTV (lifetime value) of your customers, lead to core-service conversion rate, best marketing channels, past marketing strategies, revenue targets, and ultimate goal in working with us.

By diving deep into your data and ultimately understanding your LTV (the amount of money a customer/patient pays you over the course of 12 months) & conversion rates of leads – we are able to work backwards and figure out the cost per lead we need to hit to help you generate a significant ROI (return on investment).
Duzer Group will do an in-depth competitor & strategic analysis to determine the best strategy to help reach your goals.

If after our analysis our data can’t show you at least 100% return on your investment we will not take you on as a client.

Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships. Many of our clients have been with us for 5+ years (since we started).
Our Values - Profit, growth, going the extra mile, transparency, and partnership

Our Values

Our Clients Never Leave...

…because we do what is necessary to ensure their success!

Who cares how many impressions your ads got, cost per click, or even your cost per lead.

How much money did you generate and was it profitable? We focus on what matters.

Why You Need Digital Marketing

Your competitors are using digital marketing (and getting results).

Head over to Google and type in what your customers are searching for. 

Go ahead… we’ll wait.

Google’s results will show paid suggestions for your search query. 

Want to win in todays digital age?  Your business better show up (or else your competitor’s will).

Join the digital age or get left behind.

Facebook & Instagram are the new TV. 

We have the ability to show commercials to your target audience at a fraction of the price. 

We can target age, interest, location, and even segment those who love eating at Chipotle! The ability to target is endless.

The best part? Everything we do is trackable. No guesswork.

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