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Todd VanDuzer, Owner of Duzer Group

Same strategies our owner, Todd VanDuzer, uses to profitability scale his five medical clinics to 7+ figures.

Step 1: Watch Video & Read Article

In this video, you will learn the top 4 data points to scale your business. The same data points we have used to add 7+ figures per year to over a dozen businesses.

Blog: Top 4 Most Important Numbers Every Medical Clinic Needs to Know. 

Step 2: Complete Worksheet

After you understand the 4 data points to scale your business, complete the following worksheet to pinpoint your business’s numbers!

Watch the video below for instructions on how to complete the worksheet.

Worksheet: Scale Your Business Profitably Worksheet.


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We helped rank for some of the most competitive keywords in the industry, 6x website traffic, beat venture backed start-ups.

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Texas Vein Experts

Helped Texas Vein Experts earn a trackable $175,000+ in additional revenue per month and over 3.1 million in annual revenue.

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Florida Vein Specialists

Helped Dr. Meyer bring his marketing cost down by 153% while increase patient flow by 2x.

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Entrepreneur Coach

Helped Bri Rank #1 for the keyword “entrepreneur coach” resulting in consistent monthly business.

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